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People consider the aviation sector as an ideal workplace. There is nothing wrong with it. These jobs carry an air of high esteem with them. Now is a good chance for anyone who wants any aviation-related post. AirSial careers are the ones giving openings for various types of jobs. It is an Airline at the start of its maturing period. They are hiring employees in large numbers for every open post. Whether for Cabin crew or technical staff, there are various vacancies. They are giving notices to complete their roaster as soon as possible.

Freshers have a good chance of starting their careers with their dream jobs. They welcome experts as well. Experts with prior experience will give them a strong base for their operations. Besides that, the benefits that come along with these jobs are uncanny. With high wages and perks, many people are flocking at their position openings. Everyone wishes to become a support for their families. Having a job that pays well helps them achieve that goal. With that, their lifestyle changes as well. Plus, the respect they earn for working at renowned airlines is the icing on the cake.

Not everyone can get jobs like these. As they are starting, they need people with innovative thinking in their staff. To make sure they are hiring the right person, there are some rules that applicants must follow to get the job. From here, you can learn about the currently available positions. Learn the rules for becoming a candidate for these positions. Get an insight into how they select their candidates. If their jobs interest you, take a look at the application process as well. With that, you can go to apply for the job after making your mind.

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Latest AirSial Jobs Details

CategoryAirline Jobs
EducationMatric to Onwards
LocationSialkot & Across Pakistan
Last Updated On1st December, 2023

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Information About AirSial Limited

The airline started in December 2020. The Sial in its name represents Pakistan’s city Sialkot. It is a private airline. Being one of the country’s three private airlines, it is a point of pride for its owner. The government gives them their full support for further progress. The airline is currently offering domestic services between major cities. With more development, they have plans to extend their area for many countries in the Middle east. The body has a bright future ahead of them. That is because of the short number of elite airlines in the country.

Sialkot is a major city in Pakistan. The industries here give various products and play a big part in the country’s progress. The body is a subsidiary of the industry as well. SCCI is an important industry in the country. Its commerce and products give many resources everywhere. Starting an airline is their way of stating the country’s current industrial progress. There are not many planes in the airline right now. Their fleet is all Airbus A320 aircraft with the same interior. More orders are coming in that will give them a big fleet of aircraft and increase their services.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Operations Control
  • Flight Dispatch
  • Manager Planning
  • Engineer
  • IT Manager
  • Security Manager
  • Cabin Crew
  • Ground Staff
  • Flight Services
  • First Officer
  • Company Secretary
  • Flight Surgeon

AirSial Job Requirements

The job here comes with some requirements. With them, the body selects candidates that are beneficial for them. The first rule is the applicant’s physical condition. People with any chronic disease can not apply. Their health should be good. The age of applicants plays a big part as well. The minimum limit is of 21 years. And the upper goes to 50 years of age. From high rand to low rank, every job falls under these criteria. After these needs, there come the education criteria. High education is essential for getting a job in the Aviation sector.

The body prefers candidates that have higher education than others. They accept applicants with the intermediate degree for low-ranking jobs. But they prefer applicants with a bachelor’s degree. For technical jobs, engineering graduates can apply. But the bar rises with the complexity of the post. Some even require candidates to have a postgraduate degree. There are positions only for women as well.

For freshers’ posts, there is zero need for job experience. But it wholly varies for expert positions. Experts have the duty of guiding freshers while doing their share of work. That is why applicants with more experience have a high chance of getting a job. The experience need varies with job criteria. Some posts need only 1 to 4 years of work experience. The limit goes up to 7 years for high-rank posts.

Salary & Benefits

Working for a private airline, expecting handsome salaries is common. It is the same here as well. AirSial jobs offer wages that make their employees stick to the institute. Keeping their workers happy gains them their loyalty and motivate them to work hard. The average wages for technicians are 30k to 50k PKR per month. A Senior expert for the same job earns up to 700k PKR per year. Aviation engineer post gives 100k to 250k PKR monthly. Other engineering jobs have about the same wages as well. The interns who join earn wages while learning their jobs.

Benefits and Perks

The benefits for every job here are among the best you can get. The first one is the health benefits. It includes medical checkups and insurances. After that comes paid vacations and holidays. The body gives free tickets to its employees and their families. You get to know your job with the training the airline gives to its recruits. Giving you a workplace without hierarchy difference.

How to Apply for AirSial Careers?

AirSial careers are the best option you can choose in the aviation department. Now you know the basic information about them. You know their eligibility criteria. The wages and benefits are high, and you know that as well. Jobs here will give you a stable career. The body gives an advertisement for every open post, so it is hard to miss any opening. To access them, you have to online apply for the suited post. Suppose you have an interest in them, then all you have to do now is submit your online application.

After the application comes to their recruitment process. They select some applicants with good qualities. They invite them for an interview. Assessing their skills and knowledge for the job, they shortlist some of them. The one who impresses them the most gets a job offer. To apply without any difficulty, follow these steps down below. Get a link as well that will take you to the application page.

  • Visit their official website at
  • Go to join us.
  • Click on the job you want.
  • Create an account on their website.
  • Fill the form with your proper credentials.

If everything about your form is all right you will get a reply soon.

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