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Now is the best chance to get a job in an academic institute. Educators jobs are giving you many post openings. It is the prime choice for freshers who want a job in the teaching sector. PPSC advertised vacancies in Education department with lots of benefits. As a leading institute, they are giving tens of thousands of open seats. Naturally, a lot of people will try to get them. Job vacancies here becomes a hot topic every year. The institute completes its duty by giving job notices. Anyone can access and try for getting these seats.

Most of these are public sector posts. The benefits of getting them are like no other. They offer high wages compared to others. The perks you get for low-ranking positions are high as well. People see teaching as a respectful career path. Teachers have a duty to mould their children as a perfect human being. Due to that, teachers earn esteem from everyone. But in many institutes, teachers don’t make stable earnings. But it is not the case for these jobs. The government knows the value of teachers and tries to give them many benefits. No one would ignore a job vacancy with such benefits.

Everyone jumps for a job opportunity like this one. But to ensure the quality of recruits, there are some needs for these posts. You have to follow all of them to be an applicant strictly. From here, you can learn about the seats that are currently open. Get basic information about them. You can learn the salaries for various positions. Getting a job here means that you will be able to earn a decent livelihood. With that, you can be a supporting pillar for your family. Willing candidates can learn the application process from here as well. Make sure that you are eligible before you apply.

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Latest Educators Jobs Details

OrganizationSchool Education Department
CategoryTutoring Jobs, Government Jobs
EducationMinimum Matric to Onwards
LocationLahore & Across Punjab
Last Updated On25th September, 2023

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Information About Education Department

The School Education Department handles these job recruitments. It is a major body that watches over the academic affairs on the school level. The body offer services for primary to the higher secondary education system. One of its basic duties is to create a syllabus for these classes. The teaching plan and quota, everything falls under its services. Public schools in Pakistan gives free books and notes to every student. This body takes care of that as well. Besides that, they have to maintain the school staff. This body takes care of public complaints about their system or any institute.

Ensuring the quality of education they are giving is one of its tasks. To do that, they take assessments every month. With the help of these reports, they find the areas in which they are lacking. To fix it, they give training to the hired staff and the recruits who are starting their jobs. Supports and academic budget are among the many things they control. Educating the next generation is an important task. The progress of the country depends on its future geniuses. With this, you can understand that it is an essential structure.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Assitant Education Officer
  • Preschool Head
  • Secondary Teacher
  • Vice Principal
  • Naib Qasid
  • Driver
  • Stenotypist

Requirements of Educators Job

Most of these are teaching jobs, so the requirements are strict. The duty of a teacher is to educate the young. You can’t do that till you have its knowledge yourself. The first need for these posts is the age limit criteria. The least age limit starts from 20 years. It is a fixed rule, and there is no relaxation in any case. The max-age limit is 30 years. This is a basic limit that sometimes varies and gives relaxation for candidates. It can go up to 35 for male applicants and 38 for female applicants.

The second need for these jobs is the candidate’s education. The eligibility criteria start from B.Ed. Even if you are looking for a post in an elementary school, this is the least criteria. For secondary school positions, applicants must have a B.Ed. or M.A degree. Higher secondary institutes need recruits with higher education. For them, the criteria are postgraduate or PhD. They offer both fresher and expert positions. There is no need for prior expertise for fresher jobs. For expert posts, candidates need a few years of work experience.

Salary & Benefits

Educators jobs offer fair salaries. These wages might not be what you call “high earning”, but the benefits make these jobs very attractive. The starting wages of teachers with zero experience are 20k to 30k PKR per month. Many consider it as a good start of someone’s career. With the increase of teaching experience from 4 to 8 years, the rank gets higher as well. For these posts, the wages go up to 45k to 55k PKR per month. The headmaster of public institutes earns 800k to 1M PKR per year.

The perks that the employees get are uncanny. They get complete job security. No one gets fired from their posts. The only thing they experience is promotion. The wages rise continually with rank. There are many health benefits in these jobs. Working here, you get to enjoy paid vacations, and the workload is less compared to others. The benefits that stand among the others is their retirement plan. The government gives you monthly pensions after you retire. It makes your life relatively easy in your old age.

How to Apply for Educators Jobs?

Now you know about educators jobs and its eligibility criteria. You have an insight into their wages and perks. The recruitment for these jobs consists of two phases. The first phase of the selection is the public aptitude test. PPSC take the test of candidates for these posts. NTS is the other option for taking these aptitude tests. Your score in these trials determines your advance in the phase. It is a typical HR interview. As the final step of selection, you have to show your innovative skillset to land an ideal job.

The Educators school jobs give you a shot at a stable career path. When you get a post like this, your financial worries fade out. Many people from Punjab apply for posts in the province. If you fail the test or interview, you can always apply for a second time. Apply online not to let this opportunity slip past you. Follow the instructions down below to apply without any difficulty.

  • You have to visit its official website.
  • Please search for the job you want and apply for it.
  • Register online by giving your valid credentials.
  • Download the application form and fill in the requirements.
  • Submit the form and the application fee.

Wait for their response.

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Latest Jobs in Education Department 2023