Tuesday , October 22 2019

Faysal Bank Jobs 2019 Career Opportunity – Apply Online

Faysal bank is considered one of the new banks as compared to others, the bank started its operations in 1994. Since its creation, it has grown exponentially and at a very fast pace, the bank styles itself as a successful and a European style bank, but it deals in Islamic banking. Faysal Bank puts great emphasis on providing the best of services to its customer, the best of facilities and benefits to its employees. Faysal bank jobs are also offered to highly qualified individuals, as the bank maintains high standards. The bank has fewer branches as compared to other banks, but it still has over 200 branches, increasing the Faysal bank career opportunities.

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Information About Faysal Bank

The Faysal bank was started in 1994, it is a subsidiary of a Bahraini bank. The bank deals in commercial and Islamic banking. Until recently the bank was considered a middle tier bank, it has over 400 branches in 150 plus cities and over 200 of those branches are specifically for Islamic banking. The bank has since 2018 started to expand, and has plans to open more than 200 branches in more cities. This has allowed the Faysal bank, to come into top 10 banks of Pakistan.

List of Available Positions (Update)

1) Relationship Officer2) Audit Manager
3) Teller4) Tele Sales Officer
5) Information Technology6) Branch Manager

How to Apply Online for Faysal Bank Jobs?

The Faysal bank puts more focus on professionalism, and a more active approach, and as such the bank has very high standards. All the information you need to apply for Faysal bank jobs is given below.

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