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Some people wish to have a high-end job. They desire a post where they can show their skills. Besides that, they wish to earn huge rewards at the same time. IB jobs are the best choice you can make if you want a career like this. The institute gives many post openings every year. Those who want a position where their everyday work helps in the country’s progress can apply here. IB gives public advertisements if there is an open seat. Anyone can access and try for a job from its notices.

The respect you get while working here is on another level. Everyone knows how important this job is. They now the risks and efforts people put in this institute. The work of this body does affect the progress of the country. Working here, your social status goes up. People start looking at you with esteem in their eyes. Besides that, the benefits you get can make anyone’s mouth wide open.

The wages here are among the highest you get working for a public body. You get to be a support to your family. With these jobs, you can take care of your financial problems and serve the country at the same time. With this many benefits, no one will let a chance for getting a seat here slip by them. Many people try to get these posts every year. There are basic requirements for getting these positions.

Suppose you are sincere and want to serve Pakistan, you have a good chance of getting in. So, apply without any regret. Here, you will find the post requirements. Reading them, you can make sure if you’re are eligible or not. Learn about the wages and benefits for employees at this institute as well. Check out the list for the current open seats. After selecting the one, you want you can go ahead to apply. Learn the application process at the end as well.

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Latest Intelligence Bureau Jobs Details

OrganizationIntelligence Bureau (IB)
CategoryService Jobs, Government Jobs
EducationMatric to Onwards
LocationIslamabad & Across Pakistan
Last Updated On1st December, 2023

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Information About Intelligence Bureau Pakistan

IB’s origin goes back to 1885. At that time, it was a British body. The basic reason this body started was to track Russian troops. After the countries split up in 1947, the bureau split up as well. Since the start of Pakistan, IB is working as the first body of its kind in Pakistan. After the country started ISI, this institute changed into an internal affair unit. The status of this unit is rising by every passing year for the services it provides. The body itself doesn’t carry the right to arrest or inspect someone. But its suspects get tried by FIA on its provided information.

Since the 50s, its basic services were to keep track of politicians and other major people in Pakistan. It held a watch over their meetings. Giving all the information to task-force units for further advance. Due to its elite work, the domain of its services rose to the next step. In the 90s, the body got a permit for censorship programs. This help IB to keep a strict track of suspects from wiretapping and tech. With its use, the state caught major terrorists to ensure its safety. Some of its officers became martyrs while doing their moral duties.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Stenotypists
  • Data Entry Operators
  • Dark Room Assistant
  • Vehicle Mechanic
  • Staff Car Drivers
  • Masalchi
  • Bahishti
  • Waiter
  • Naib Qasid

Requirements for IB Job

IB jobs don’t have hash requirements for their positions. They prefer applicants who love their country and wish to serve it. But some rules are a must to follow if anyone wants to apply here. The basic need is the applicant’s age. The least age limit is 18 years. For basic posts and officer positions, the max-age limit is 27 years. With relaxation from the institute, it goes up to 35 years. For office jobs, the max limit is 40 years.

Applicants need basic education to apply for a job here. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree is eligible for its posts. Besides that, there are some extra requirements to get these positions. The applicants must be in perfect health, physically and mentally. They must have good English-speaking skills. The body prefers those who know more about computers.

Salary & Benefits

Jobs in IB (Intelligence Bureau) pays better wages than most other public institutes. The benefits it provides are second to none in the state. If you get a post here, all of your worries will vanish. You won’t have to look for a better job. You will earn a respectful livelihood. The basic wages of a starting officer are 1.2M PKR per year. With the increase in experience, the wages go up as well. Officers with 1 to 3 years of expertise earn up to 1.6M PKR in a year. The yearly wages of an officer with 8 years of expertise are more than 2M PKR.

The perks here start with life insurance. The institute gives health and medical benefits as well. The employees get to enjoy paid vacations. This gives them some rest from their everyday grind. As long as you are honest, you get complete job security. As your job experience increases, the number of perks you get goes up as well. The body provides housing to its workers. The workers here get allowances for transport and phone bills. The retirement plan of IB is a step above others. After you retire, your lifestyle doesn’t get any major changes.

How to Apply for IB Jobs?

Try for IB jobs if you want a stable career for yourself. After reading the above information, you can estimate the importance of these jobs. The positions here come with less workload and high benefits. In advertisements, you can find more detailed instructions about the open seats. Online apply to secure your place in a top-class institute like this one. You can get the application form from their website. Suppose you think the jobs are right, then all that remains is for you to submit the form. Become a candidate for a major public institute.

The recruitment process of these posts moves in two phases. Firstly, you have to take a national test. NTS gives testing services for this body. Prepare well for the test and score good marks. After you pass the exam, you will go to an HR interview. In this step, show your innovative thinking and sincerity and land a dream job. You can follow the steps below to apply for their jobs. The link down there will take you to the application page.

  • Visit their official website.
  • Look for job notices.
  • Select the post you want.
  • Register and fill the application form.
  • Giving valid credentials is a strict rule here.

Pay the application fee and wait for a reply.

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Latest Jobs in Intelligence Bureau (IB) Pakistan 2023