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We are seeking individuals who are looking for an exciting work-from-home opportunity!

At Appen, our team’s mission is to deliver the best data solutions and expertise to developers of AI for communication, driven by our passion for innovation and our love of languages.

  • Various tasks with engaging purposes
  • Short-term commitment

Project Description:

Use your advanced knowledge of linguistics and multiple languages to help us label audio data sets according to the language spoken, participants’ accents & audio quality.


  • Strong written and spoken comprehension skills in English
  • Fluent speaker of any of the following languages that residing in the United Kingdom

= Assamese (India)

= Bengali (Bangladesh)

= Mongolia Buriat (Mongolia)

= Cebuano (Philippines)

= Gujarati (India)

= Hawaiian (United States of America)

= Waray (Philippines)

= Javanese (Indonesia)

= Japanese (Japan)

= Kannada (India)

= Korean (Republic of Korea)

= Lao (Laos)

= Literary Chinese (China)

= Malayalam (India)

= Marathi (India)

= Maori (New Zealand)

= Nepali (Nepal)

= Panjabi (India)

= Sinhala (Sri Lanka)

= Tamil (India)

= Telugu (India)

= Tagalog (Philippines)

= Thai (Thailand)

= Urdu (Pakistan)

= Vietnamese (Vietnam)

Join our team and become a part of our pool!

When you work on our projects, you are helping develop responsible, unbiased AI.

What to expect when you register:

  • Create an Appen Account
  • Choose your primary language
  • Complete your profile and project registration [5 min]

Thank you and we hope to work with you soon!

Job Details:

Company: Appen

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: APAC

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