K Electric Jobs – GM Tariff & Subsidy Claims



The purpose of this position is to act as Controller for Tariff and Subsidy claims, primarily responsible for:

(i) tariff related activities including processing of tariff adjustments with NEPRA and Ministry of Energy, implementation of changes in tariff, analysis of tariff movements and its impacts on the business plan, development of tariff models, research on local and international regulatory practices and performance with respect to tariff, for benchmarking and comparative analysis and to carry out other activities required under the Multi Year Tariff; and

(ii) timely filing, verification and release of subsidy claims, analysis of pending claims and revisions, subsidy forecasting and related tasks.

(iii) providing business plan, financial model and tariff related information to lenders and rating agencies in co-ordination with Treasury department.

(iv) review of power purchase agreements and proposals from regulatory perspective, with a view to ensure alignment with regulatory practices and cost pass through mechanism in the MYT, and highlight any potential risks / areas of concern.

(v) providing input in Tariff related litigations

  • The position entails regular coordination between internal user departments as well as external parties including NEPRA, Ministry of Energy, Auditor General Pakistan (AGP), External Auditors etc with a view to ensure accurate and timely processing of Tariff Variations and Subsidy claims, accurate recording of related impacts in financial statements and to provide insightful management reports related to Tariff for decision making. The position also requires participating from KE side in NEPRA hearings and other external forums.


Chartered Accountant


 Understanding of the dynamics of power sector including laws and regulations and role and functioning of regulator

 Detailed understanding of Tariff structures of Generation, Transmission and Distribution segments and mechanism of subsidy in power tariffs

 Detailed understanding of KE’s Previous and Current Multi Year Tariff and its functioning mechanism

 Understanding of KE’s business plan and value drivers

 Advanced Financial Modelling and office applications


Over 8 years of professional experience

Areas of Responsibilities:

1 Multi Year Tariff 40%

• Ensure timely and accurate submissions and processing of monthly, quarterly and annual variations / indexations of KE’s Multi Year Tariff (MYT) in accordance with the tariff determination

• Participation in public hearings of NEPRA on tariff and facilitate NEPRA’s teams for verification of tariff adjustments

• Co-ordination with NEPRA for approval of tariff adjustments and notifications by Ministry of Energy and resolution of any issues in this respect

• Ensure timely implementation and recording of tariff adjustments

• Enable development of tariff models and scenarios required for internal analysis and decision making

• Facilitate internal teams as well as external auditors, AGP, MoE and other stakeholders for queries relating to Multi Year Tariff and its adjustments

• Provide analysis for leadership on historic and forecasted tariff movements, subsidy projections, cash flow impacts and other analysis for decision making

• Provide insightful reports on analysis of mid-term / end-of-term review and its impacts on tariff for decision making and visibility with respect to allowed vs actual investments

• Submissions of mid-term and end-of-term reviews to NEPRA and co-ordination with stakeholders in this respect

• Provide regulatory input on Heat Rate Tests of KE’s plants required by NEPRA in the Multi Year Tariff 2017-2023 and co-ordination with NEPRA in this respect

• Enable research on local and international regulatory practices and performance including tariff, for benchmarking and comparative analysis

• Enable preparations for tariff petition of KE’s Multi Year tariff for the next control period including modelling, research and analysis.

• Provide input in Tariff related litigations including information, data and analysis related to tariff

2 Analysis and Filing of Subsidy Claims 25%

• Review Subsidy claims filed each month ensuring timely submission and verification by Ministry

• Analyze KE’s pending TDC claims due to tariff movements for internal and external reporting

• Ensure timely revision of subsidy claims in-line with tariff adjustments

• Co-ordination with relevant departments in relation to Subsidy Claims, including Ministries, Auditor General of Pakistan, NEPRA etc.

3 Business Plan 15%

• • Facilitate Treasury department to explain KE’s business plan, financial model and tariff to existing / potential lenders and rating agencies

• Enable scenarios-based projections and financial model as required by existing / potential Lenders or for internal analysis

4 Regulatory input on Agreements and other tasks 10%

• • To provide input from regulatory perspective on agreements and proposals related to power purchase, with a view to ensure alignment with regulatory practices and highlight potential risks / any areas of concern.

• Address ad-hoc requirements relating to data analysis and information required by external and internal stakeholders including leadership, other departments etc.

5 People management and training 10%

• Lead and manage team members according to their roles and ensure learning and development to support succession planning

• Ensure continuous professional development of self and the team members through required trainings to enhance performance

Job Details:

Company: K-Electric

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

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