TCF Jobs – Area Education Manager- PS Kasur

The Citizens Foundation

The AM is responsible for overall management including planning, organizing, and overseeing the delivery of quality education at the schools in their districts. She is also responsible for mentoring, supporting, and building the capacity of all staff reporting her directly and indirectly.

  • Ensure smooth operations and effective execution of education-related interventions of all schools in the area to deliver the best quality of education.
  • Ensure that school system and procedures comply with TCF’s policies and relevant Government guidelines.
  • Ensure that schools provide an environment that is conducive for learning. This includes utilities, well-maintained facility, as well as access to teaching and learning resources such as textbook, teacher guides, and assessment papers.
  • Work with principals to create positive learning experience that motivate students to stay and learn in school.
  • Regularly visit schools for monitoring and support as per agreed frequency, with increased focus on struggling schools.
  • Organize monthly meeting with the principals to regularly follow-up with principals on quality indicators such as external exams, quality index, etc.
  • Work with principals to develop school improvement plans and routinely review the progress of improvement plans in relation to school targets.
  • Participate and contribute in the school appraisal exercise against KPIs and assigned targets.
  • Develop annual improvement plan of the area and implement the proposed improvement strategies.
  • Build capacity of Principals through mentoring and training (develop) sessions.
  • Support principal in providing on-the-job training to school staff by identifying training needs, and providing access to relevant training content.
  • Work with principals for staff recruitment, retention, appraisal and feedback.
  • Resolve staff grievances for better staffing, employee engagement and team camaraderie in the area.
  • Resolve community related issues relating to school affairs
  • Prepare Area level budgets and ensure that it is efficiently managed.
  • Manage all data related to school management, operation and academics, and utilize the data in making effective decisions pertaining to area improvement.
  • Uses the data and insights from working with schools to develop a training needs analysis for school staff.
  • Communicate requirements of school to the region and respective departments at HO. It includes finances, furniture, repair work, IT or human resource requirement.
  • Coordinate with education and administrative officials in district for support, information sharing and progress updates.
  • Regularly engage with parents and community influential to leverage support for schools.
  • Support and monitor all activities and interventions at schools for effective implementation and results
  • Coordinate donor related activities in schools.
  • Develop reports and documents as per required prototype and frequency from region and HO.

Preferably Master Degree in Education related fields from any reputed institution

Bachelor’s Degree with exceptional experience can be considered

At least 4 years’ experience in teacher training, school leadership and project management

Job Details:

Company: The Citizens Foundation

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan

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