Turing Internship – Full-Stack Engineer


A fast-paced company that is developing sophisticated technology to help manufacturers of personal care chemicals to expand more quickly and effectively, is looking for a Full-Stack Engineer. The engineer will be responsible for bolstering web app development and improving the efficiency of the platform’s back-end. The company is offering chemical producers an online personal care chemical demand database so they could develop appropriate sales tactics and secure new clients. The company has successfully managed to secure $110K+ during their Pre-Seed round of funding.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Create a core product, engineering, and data science team to build an end-to-end data pipeline that collects market data, cleans & turns it into insights, and then serves the insights to users via a web app
  • Create Python back-end scripts for data analytics
  • Use Python to analyze the data and produce output items (such as data for producing charts or snippets of HTML code for populating data tables), which are then provided to the front-end to be displayed to the user, using the existing MySQL databases to find the appropriate data
  • Enable back-end to front-end connectivity between the user’s search/query requirements entered on the front end of the web application and the analysis is conducted in accordance with those criteria
  • Reduce the amount of wait time for customers when using the web app by analyzing the causes of delayed data analysis and coming up with novel techniques to deliver speedier analysis.
  • Create new core features that require data manipulation to calculate or filter the appropriate insights, such as new data tools to surface new insights
  • Develop new monetization/enabling features, such as saved search or analytics tools that are only available to members
  • Enhance the web app’s usability and security by, for example, implementing more stringent password/authentication capabilities, changing the data calculation/filtering steps and methodologies to speed up queries, and removing edge cases where 500/502 errors are returned
  • Ensure compliance with legal standards, for instance by handling cookie selection and marketing opt-out
  • Establish automated pipelines
  • Automate the data cleansing and enrichment flows using Python
  • Assist in the creation of comparison tables and alerts if the most recent data collection has problems (for example, fewer data was collected this time than last time)
  • Improve the infrastructure In order to host, process, and enrich data (e.g., translate data), set up cloud infrastructure while using third-party cloud services
  • Help to find the best cloud vendors to utilize, and conduct experiments to determine the best cloud service combination
  • Configure cloud infrastructure by conducting research and testing to identify the best subscription packages and workflows for each cloud component in order to maximize performance and cost

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science (or equivalent experience)
  • At least 3+ years of relevant experience as a full-stack engineer
  • Prolific experience working with Python and Flask
  • In-depth knowledge and experience working with JavaScript to enhance the web app
  • Prior experience using MySQL and Python (DataFrames), particularly with regard to data logic and manipulation
  • Extensive knowledge of the data collecting, cleaning, and enrichment workflow
  • Working knowledge with Google Bigquery, Google APIs, such as Google Translate, and cloud infrastructure, such as cloud virtual machines
  • Prior expertise and abilities to enable pipeline development work at each stage
  • Excellent spoken and written English communication skills

Job Details:

Company: Turing

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Pakistan

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