Jobs in Turing – Senior Cloud Engineer


A U.S.-based company that is developing a revolutionary artificial intelligence platform that enables businesses to quickly and easily deploy AI solutions, is looking for a Senior Cloud Engineer. The selected candidate will be leading the development of the company’s cloud services’ architecture and design. The company is providing comprehensive tools and services designed to give businesses the competitive edge they need to stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing market. This is an exciting opportunity for developers who are eager to showcase their talent while learning industry best practices from professionals.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with product managers, designers, and cloud developers to provide technical direction and make decisions throughout the development process
  • Throughout the development lifecycle, provide guidance to other developers and contractors
  • Prototype untested ideas to guide final applications
  • Keep up with cloud trends and issues
  • Automate whatever you can, and use CI/CD to automate quality checks and repetitive chores
  • Take charge of the Infrastructure as Code Management
  • oversee and assist in the software release procedures for engineering teams
  • Create the systems, procedures, and assistance needed for teams to self-manage under an owner-operator paradigm

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science (or equivalent experience)
  • At least 4+ years of relevant experience as a Cloud Engineer
  • 4+ years experience in a high-level programming language like TypeScript, Python, Go, etc.
  • Experience creating event-driven architectures utilizing Kafka and a wealth of experience dealing with databases like PostgreSQL and DynamoDB
  • Comprehensive knowledge of Terraform or CloudFormation and Infrastructure as Code
  • Extensive functional knowledge of high availability deployment across many regions and availability zones
  • Observability tool experience that can be proven, such as DataDog, SumoLogic, and/or CloudWatch
  • Strong background in developing reusable libraries, SDKs, and shared components for numerous applications
  • Ability to work in a workplace that is deadline-driven, iterative, collaborative, and fast-paced
  • Ability to define cloud initiatives with other engineers
  • Working knowledge of a highly reactive platform
  • Knowledge of best practices for building, promoting, and ensuring cloud code bases, including standard architectures and unit/integration testing
  • Thorough understanding of REST for designing and managing web services
  • Previous startup experience is desirable
  • Experience with Kubernetes, AI, ML, or AR is nice to have
  • Prior experience working with multiple AWS accounts is preferred
  • Experience with Docker container development and hosting is desirable
  • Extensive experience with growing large teams and understanding the issues that arise with growth is preferred
  • Nice to have some experience with Serverless architectures
  • Excellent English communication skills

Job Details:

Company: Turing

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Pakistan

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