Jobs in Turing – DevOps Engineer


A U.S.-based company that is creating financial products that let customers round up their purchases and automatically invest the change, is looking for a DevOps Engineer. The selected candidate will be in charge of developing and implementing independent solutions pertaining to the relevant domain area. The platform enables users to invest their spare change, invest while they bank, and receive additional investments. The company has managed to secure more than $500mn during their Series F round of funding.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide development teams with oversight and direction
  • Perform ongoing research into the most recent and upcoming technology, and make any necessary improvements
  • Share any problems with the existing technical solutions being used with the various stakeholders
  • Analyze the effects of different technical decisions on the business

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science (or equivalent experience)
  • At least 4+ years of relevant experience as a DevOps Engineer
  • Prior experience with software development including building, testing, and deploying in a production Cloud environment
  • Expertise using containers like Docker, ECS, K8, and Serverless (AWS Lambda)
  • In-depth knowledge of using code to create, secure, and configure resources on AWS
  • Extensive working knowledge of Bash scripting, Terraform, and Cloudformation
  • Observability tooling expertise with technologies like DataDog, Sentry, Cloudwatch, and Kibana
  • Knowledge of Git and Github Actions
  • Working knowledge of CircleCI, Jenkins, Amazon Codebuild, and AWS Serverless
  • Fluent in written and spoken English communication

Job Details:

Company: Turing

Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Pakistan

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