Jobs in – Cellular Analyst

Job description in principle is handling tasks which includes the main targeted area is Cellular Services/Operators with Zameen Media.

  • Looking after the assigned tasks of with respect to the telecom operators along with the queries/concerns raised within organization
  • Maintaining and updating databases and/or spreadsheets for SIMs & Devices.
  • Maintaining new numbers issuance and data devices record for new joiners nationwide
  • Maintaining and updating records of the numbers as per their credit limits and packages mentioned in the grid.
  • Complete follow up handling against the queries raised to the operators until resolution.
  • Conducting follow up with the employees, to prob the real time scenario for resolution (where required).
  • Inventory management with respect to the sims and devices
  • Assisting line manager with the assigned tasks.

Job Requirements:

Qualifications/ language requirements

Bachelor’s degree

Role Specific Knowledge & Experience

Minimum / essential

2-3 years of experience

Core Skills required for the role

Customer Focus

• Can describe complicated information in a logical and structured manner

• Breaks down problems in smaller parts, identifies cause of the issue raised by employees

• Seeks imaginative and innovative solutions to a range of problems

• Actively encourages interaction and ideas from others before reaching a decision

Strategic Orientation and Commercial Awareness

• Understands and engages in the organization’s workforce planning through proactively using management information systems and performance management tools.

• Assesses the gap between the current state and desired future direction and establishes effective ways for closing the gap

Proactively seeks sector information to benchmark services and improve quality that may have short- or long-term impact on the delivery of services for own business area

Competencies for Core Values

Integrity – Acts consistently with professional values and ethics

• Broadly understands professional values and ethics and work out solutions without compromising on organizational values.

• Seeks full understanding of facts and interests of all concerned when confronting ethical issues and reflects upon all options in search of optimal solution (ethical judgment).

• Depicts a thorough understanding of the relevance of fundamental values and ethics to everyday work, and consistently attempts to apply them.

• Acts in support of an open and safe workplace atmosphere in which individuals feel encouraged to safely raise, discuss and address ethical issues.

• Openly acknowledges own errors of judgment without being prompted by others.

Go-getter – Sets and works to meet challenging goals

• Sets and achieves stretching but realistic goals that lead to improvements in the performance of the individual or team.

• Sets own objectives beyond targets set by management which, while being a definite stretch, are not unrealistic.

Innovation – Proposes innovative ideas

• When looking at information, generates new ideas and innovative solutions to problems by importing ideas from outside the organization

• Pulls together ideas, issues and observations to create and/or introduce innovative solutions or suggestions.

• Suggests approaches and methods from other sources as alternative solutions to conventional approaches when there is evidence or sound thinking substantiating the viability of this approach.

• Is not overly influenced by current thinking or methodologies.

• Seeks out and incorporates new suggestions and ideas

Understands the internal and external environment

• Is aware of trends in the external environment that have an impact on the organization

• Actively researches current developments in the areas of business

• Demonstrates how business unit services, solutions and initiatives help the organization to respond to the impact of changing economic conditions.

Job Details:


Job Type: Full Time

Job Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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