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People who are sincere about their careers currently have the best chance to get a great job. Everyone knows what corruption is and how it erodes the country. Tackling it is the duty of ACE. Anti-corruption jobs give job openings every year. People come here to serve their country. The body delivers advertisements as soon as there is a vacancy. Anyone can access these notices for job positions. Getting a job here gives you two benefits. You create a perfect career for yourself. Besides that, you help your homeland to get clean from corruption.

Everyone carries a passion for serving their country. Not all of us get the chance to do that. People select jobs based on their benefits, not by morality. But no one will lose an opportunity to choose a post with both of these. Anti-Corruption jobs are the perfect example of that. You give your services while making a good living. Working here gives you a new status in society. Everyone respects you for your position. Their eye filled with envy when looking at you. That is how much significance this institute has.

Your income will be enough to support your families. And you will see how much your lifestyle changed after getting a post here. The body has vital duties. That is why the candidates it selects needs to be perfect for the post. They make it sure by placing some rules on their job. Worthy applicants apply and get an ideal position. Suppose you have an interest in working here. Find the currently open posts here. If you have a seat in sight, then learn its criteria. Learn what the institute does and how it moves. After getting all the basic information, learn their application process as well.

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Latest Anti-Corruption Jobs Details

OrganizationAnti Corruption Establishment
CategoryService Jobs, Government Jobs
EducationMinimum Matric to Onwards
LocationLahore & Across Pakistan
Last Updated On22nd May, 2024

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Information About Anti-Corruption Pakistan

At the start, corruption in Pakistan was not a big concern. But it changed in the 50s. The anti-Corruption unit was already working in the country before that time. But its duties were minor, and it didn’t have much importance. The corruption rate was so low that this institute was a small police unit. With time, as the corruption took root in Pakistan, the government felt a need for a team that will deal with it. That need turned into the starting point for Anti-Corruption Establishment in 1956. It inquired every minor and major suspect to remove corruption.

Passing from various acts in 1974 and 1985, its basic duties are still erasing corruption from the state. They move efficiently. Collecting information and flowing that information from here and there. Their information network is the key to their success over the years. They keep track of every public employee. Punjab and Sindh are the strongholds of this institute. In Karachi, they maintain an absolute law position. Now you have some basic knowledge about this institute. This can help you decide whether a job here will suit you or not.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Stenographer
  • Data Processing Assistant
  • Junior Clerk
  • Naib Qasid
  • Chowkidar
  • Sanitary Worker
  • Sweeper
  • Waiter
  • Cook
  • Data Entry Operator

Anti-Corruption Job Requirements

Naturally, a major institute like this will have strict requirements for its jobs. They are working for the state; making mistakes in selection is not something they can afford. They only accept mature candidates. Freshers can apply for their jobs as well. But their age should be a minimum of 22 years. The max limit for basic posts is 28. They add 5 years of relaxation in upper age limit in some cases.

The applicant’s education is their most important requirement. Fresh university graduates can apply. They don’t accept an applicant with lower degrees than that. To be a candidate, you need to have a bachelor’s degree. The subjects must relate to the post you are applying for. Besides that, you need a 2nd division score in your degree to be eligible.

These are basic needs for getting a job here. There can be extra requirements depending on the job rank. Freshers don’t need any prior work experience to apply here. They only need to complete their education and age criteria. But the expert positions are not the same. The expertise need starts from 1 year and ends on 4 years for basic level jobs. For higher ranking seats, this need keeps on increasing.

Salary & Benefits

It is a public institute, so it is alright to expect fair salaries. Jobs in Anti-Corruption give good wages to its employees, that increases their loyalty. Hardly, you ever see anyone leave jobs like these to settle for another position. The institute care for their employees and their families. Assistant jobs in this institute pay 20k to 30k PKR per month. This pay scale is for freshers with no prior expertise. The Assistant Director here earns 60k to 70k PKR monthly. For the position of consultant, the body offers 40k to 70k PKR per month.

These are only wages; the benefits for these jobs are uncanny. As long as you are honest, you get complete job security. Paid vacation and holidays give you some time to rest. You can call in sick for a paid sick leave as well. They give you a transport allowance. Give training to its employee. The institute offers medical benefits as well. You get to work at flexible hours. The workers get housing benefits, and the institute pays for them.

How to Apply for Anti-Corruption Jobs?

Now you know what benefits these jobs comes with. The requirements are strict but not that hard. As long as you are sincere, you have a high chance of getting a seat here. Anti-Corruption jobs have a charm that no others have. With its advertisements, you can find every bit of information for joining these jobs. Just visit their website at Online apply there and land in a stable job. To submit the job application, you first have to create an account with this website.

You can only apply from their official website. After they receive your application, the body will start shortlisting candidates. First, all applicants must take the aptitude test. After testing your knowledge, they will check your physical health. If you are in perfect health, they will invite you for an interview. Suppose you impress them, then they will give you the post details and job offer. These few steps below are the application process for a job here.

  • Visit their official website and create an account.
  • Select the job you want.
  • Apply by filling the form.
  • Give your accurate information or else get rejected.

If nothing is wrong with the form you submit, you’ll receive a reply soon.

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Latest Jobs in Anti-Corruption 2023