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Join PAK Army Jobs 2020 (Apply Online for Registration)

If you want to serve your country, and also earn money, and also safeguard the future of your children, then join the Pakistan Army today. There is a variety of PAK Army Jobs, for you to choose from. They offer jobs for military service, as well as civilian service. You can join as a commissioned officer or can join as a special purpose officer. Even if you are a doctor and an IT specialist, even then you can join the army through a non-commission induction process. You can also join as a soldier to serve in the army, via the short and long PMA courses. The PAK Army gives great facilities and job security to its employees.

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Information About Pakistan Army

The Pakistan Army was formed in 1947 after the partition of the subcontinent. It was made when the Indian army was divided, among Pakistan and India. It is a branch of Pakistan armed forces, and its headquarter in Rawalpindi (GHQ). It’s a government own organization tasked with the defense of the nation. It also helps in natural disasters. It has an amazing track record of excellence and maintaining very high standards, in everything that they do.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Soldier
  • Captain
  • Doctor
  • Clerk
  • Driver
  • Mess Waiter
  • IT Officer
  • Medical Cadet
  • Cook

PAK Fauj Soldier Recruitment

The PAK Army has many recruitment programs that come in the category of soldiers. Soldiers can join the Army in two ways:

  • PMA Long Course: The people who want to join the army as normal soldiers, will have to go for the PMA long course.
  • PMA Short Course: The PMA short course is for those who want to join the army as officers. Strict standards are maintained throughout the recruitment process, and those not meeting the criteria will not be selected. It is also known as Short Service Commission (SSC).

Salary & Benefits

The PAK Army is a very professional organization and believes in taking care of all its employees, and give benefits to them, both when they are on duty and after retirement. Following are some benefits:

  • Good salary.
  • Special allowances.
  • Education for children.
  • Housing facilities for families.
  • Pension after retirement.

How to Join PAK Army Jobs?

If you are really desperate to join PAK Army then hit the Apply button. But remember they have a strict standard for recruitment, and therefore you must make sure that you are eligible for your desired job, before applying for any. The list of available vacancies in the PAK Army Jobs as follows.

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