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Nowadays, everyone wants a job in big institutes. For that, they try their best to apply for any open post. But, institutes with big names don’t accept everyone who comes and push for their posts. They select applicants based on skills and eligibility. Proving your abilities in front of such institutes is a hard task. ATS jobs ease this problem for you. It gives you access to many open posts. If you are starting your career, it is your best choice. It helps you try for jobs of any nature.

The positions it offers comes with a lot of benefits. Two factors force someone to look for a job. One of them is the financial needs. To live a good life, one needs a fair amount of monthly earnings. As ATS gives you a shot at high-ranked posts, you are more likely to get a job. Every position they offer comes with high wages. Getting these jobs will turn your lifestyle for the best. With these wages, you can support your families with their financial needs.

The second reason for looking for a job is to earn a high status in society. Naturally, people respect someone with a stable career path. Getting a job with high wages increases your esteem to the next level. It is hard to land a high-level job in current times. This service helps you with this problem. Getting its approval marks you as an eligible person ready to tackle any position. You get priority among candidates who apply for the same seat.

ATS tries you based on the institute’s position requirements. From here, you can learn about the posts it is offering right now. You can learn the wages then perks these jobs bring with them. After getting a complete knowledge of it, you can make your choice to apply. From here, learn the process of applying for its jobs. Learn about the exams it takes and the recruitment process as well.

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Latest ATS Jobs Details

OrganizationAllied Testing Service (ATS)
CategoryTesting Service Jobs, Government Jobs
EducationMatric to Onwards
LocationAcross Pakistan
Last Updated On14th June, 2024

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Information About Allied Testing Service (ATS)

ATS is a testing service that uses advanced methods to fulfill its tasks. This body is not that old, yet it ranks among the best in Pakistan. Both public and private institutes use it as a standard for employee selection. With the trust of big institutes, it is getting more and more renowned. The area of its services spreads wide over every field. It works for educational institutes to select students. Many colleges borrow the help of ATS to take aptitude exams. Besides that, its basic service is to deal with job recruitments. The candidate’s selection for a specific post is a primary task for institutes.

When it comes to candidate selection, everyone becomes pickier. It is because the progress of the company depends on its workers. If they hire the wrong person, it will affect the whole team. For that reason, many institutes tend to do this process themselves. But this body gives such elite services that everyone puts their blind trust in it. No one questions a candidate that this body approves of. You can find its testing halls in more than 40 cities. They conduct honest and fair exams. Only your skill is the token to get good scores.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Computer Operator
  • Clerk
  • Stenographer
  • Storekeerper
  • Driver
  • Naib Qasid
  • Invigilator
  • Supervisor
  • Dispatch Rider
  • Chowkidar
  • Sweeper
  • Electrician

Requirements for ATS Job

You can try for any job you want from here. Jobs listed here come with both lower and higher ranks. After choosing a position, you will learn its requirements at that time. Besides that, there are some basic needs that every applicant must complete. The age limit of applicants is the basic need for its posts. The least age at which you can apply is 18 years. It varies with the position you select, but it doesn’t go lower than this. The upper age limit varies from 27 to 55 years.

The other need for its jobs is the education criteria. The jobs come in a large variety here. That is why these criteria start from the lowest you can imagine. You can apply for jobs that need applicants with 10th class degree. As the post rank goes up, the requirements start to change as well. The max criteria can reach up to postgraduate or Ph.D. Both freshers and experts can apply here. For freshers, it also offers a training program. Expert applicants may need prior experience to apply.

How to Apply for ATS Jobs?

ATS jobs come with benefits that no other service offers. You have more chances to get a seat if you use this platform to look for a position. The body gives advertisements on every public channel. You can access its jobs without any extra effort. All you have to do is get the application form for the job you want. Online apply to become an applicant for excellent open seats in Pakistan. To get more information, you should visit its website at There you will get a look at posts you can try to get.

As long as you meet the criteria, the body will accept your application. Then your testing period will start. The first phase will be the aptitude test. In it, they will test your knowledge and skills for the position. Taking good marks in it is vital to move further with the selection. Get its approval and enter the next phase. It will be an HR interview. Your employment will base on this interview. Prepare well before going in. Impress them with your personality and innovative thinking, and get your dream job. The application process is simple if you follow these steps.

  • Visit their official website.
  • Go to the jobs section.
  • Create an account with the website to apply online.
  • Fill the application form with valid credentials.
  • Submit with the form fee and wait for a reply.
  • To apply manually, download the form.
  • Fill in every blank and turn it in.

You should pay the fee in a bank.

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Latest Jobs in Allied Testing Service (ATS) 2023