Bank of Punjab (BOP) Jobs 2023 – Latest Careers in Bank

There is no need for an introduction about BOP for people who live in Punjab. One of the absolute best banks in the whole country. BOP jobs are not something that you can take lightly. The bank gives many job openings throughout the whole year. To start your career or to get a better post, it is the best choice. For every job post, there are various vacancies. Punjab Bank job allows you to create a better life for yourself. To apply for a job here, people come from all over the country.

A bank job is something that everyone craves. The workload for these jobs is less. The benefits that the employee gets are huge comparing to the workload. When you add a big name as BOP to the equation, its importance reaches the roof. People who want to work in an organized place come here. They earn respect from others for working in a public institute. The bank gives them wages that updates their lifestyle. They become capable of giving support to their families. That is why no one misses a golden chance like this.

With its name, it is usual that the job notices attract the attention of many. But the conditions for those jobs are strict. The bank gives many benefits; naturally, they would select people that fit the post. To do that, applicants must follow some rules before applying here. From here, you can learn those rules. Get an understanding of what you need to be a candidate here. Take a look at the currently open positions. If one attracts you learn its eligibility criteria. Suppose you make your mind then learn the application process at the end as well.

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Latest BOP Jobs Details

OrganizationBank of Punjab (BOP)
CategoryBanking Jobs
EducationMinimum Bachelor's Degree
LocationAcross Pakistan
Last Updated On22nd May, 2024

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Information About Bank of Punjab

BOP started in 1989. It is one of the country’s largest banks. Most of its branches are in Punjab. The remaining, you can find all around the country. It is a public sector bank. The government of Punjab supervises it and all its services. This institute has a friendly relation with various organizations. It partners up with institutes to gives high-quality products. The bank has the complete trust of people, and its record is clean without any stain on its name. Working as a commercial bank, it gives many services in various fields. It is one of a few banks in Pakistan that works internationally as well.

They provide loans for businesses and trades. Giving advances for starting of new industries in the country. Pakistan depends on agriculture, and BOP gives a lot of products related to this field. The banks wholly own FPM as its subsidiary. This subsidiary started in 1992 and is a part of BOP since that time. The branch network of this bank is nearing 600 in total. Its insurance products are among the best as well. The institute helped the government digitize payments for huge business and trade contracts. With this basic information, you can tackle any related questions during your job interview.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Cash Officer
  • Remittance Transaction Officer
  • Customer Services Officer
  • Branch Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Teller
  • Retail Services
  • Human Resources
  • Commercial & SME
  • Regional General Manager

Punjab Bank Job Requirements

It is a bank that gives good jobs to its candidates. Like any other big institute, you have to complete some requirements to get a seat here. Age limit is a basic requirement for any job. Here, the applicant’s least age should be 18. It means only CNIC cardholders can apply for any job. The upper age limit varies for every post. For basic positions, this limit is 40 years. In contrast, some posts need applicants with more than 10 years of expertise. For them, the limit goes up to 55 years.

Your education is the key factor that decides whether you are eligible or not. The bank gives the lowest to highest-ranking jobs. You can find a job in security or a clerk post going to an admin level position. As long as you have a bachelor’s, or postgraduate degree, you can apply here. They give internships to fresh graduates. Some posts here, they keep only for freshers to join. With that, they help increase the employment rate in the country.

Fresher doesn’t need any prior experience to apply here. This rule is for high-ranking posts. For officer level jobs, you need 1 to 3 years of expertise. For jobs in management, you need 5 to 15 years of workplace experience.

Salary & Benefits

Most people look up to bank jobs for their salaries. BOP jobs offer handsome wages to their hardworking employees. As a public institute, the wages it gives are consistent and monthly. These wages keep on increasing with the increase in your job rank. A cash officer here earns 25k to 35k PKR in a month. They give salaries to interns as well. For them, the wages are 12k to 20k PKR monthly. For high-end posts like a senior relation manager, the body pays 2.1M to 2.5M PKR per year.

Perks and Benefits

The wages for a government job are fair without a doubt. But its benefits are uncanny. Jobs here at BOP are the same as well. The primary perk for these types of posts is job security. Rarely do you see anyone getting fired, and that is for a huge blunder? The paid holidays and vacations are second to none. The insurances they give to their employees are adequate as well. The thing that stands out the most is their retirement plan. After retirement, they take good care of you.

How to Apply for Bank of Punjab (BOP) Jobs?

After reading the above information, you have some knowledge about BOP. You know the basic needs of getting a job here. BOP jobs hire people that can serve the institute better than others. For that, they give advertisements for any open post that comes up. Jobs in BOP is anyone’s golden chance to land a dream post. After reading their benefits, online apply is all that you need to do to get a shot. Get the Bank of Punjab job application form and submit it. You can get it from their website at

After you submit your application and receive the confirmation, they will invite you to an interview. You have to take some tests about drug usage and physical health as well. If you ace the interview, the job will be yours without a doubt. The application process is simple, that you can find it down here.

  • Visit their official website.
  • Go to their careers page.
  • Select the job and apply.
  • Sign in with the website and get the registration form.
  • Fill it with accurate information.

Pay the application fee and wait for a reply.

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Latest Jobs in Bank of Punjab 2023