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People who want a career in education are in good luck. Daanish School jobs are giving many openings for their posts. If you excel in education, it is the best place for you to start a career. The institute accepts people with innovative talents every year. The ones who get a job here are the people who have complete confidence in their abilities. The body gives advertisements for each post that opens up. In its notices, it offers information about the vacant seats. Anyone can access these and try to get a job here.

Anyone who works in the education field wishes to get a post in a big-name institute. In small schools, job benefits are not much. That is why someone who wants to make a stable career try to get in any big body. Daanish School gives many benefits that others don’t. The perks here, you cannot compare to anywhere else. Getting a seat here promises you a livelihood without any worries. You earn an upstanding salary. With them, you can give your families the financial support they need.

Besides that, your lifestyle changes for the best. Educator jobs give you something that no other job does. In our society, everyone respects people who have an academic career. Their respect focuses mainly on teachers. A teacher has a duty to mould children into becoming a model person. If teachers are good at their job, they earn esteem for themselves.

No one would ignore a golden chance of getting a post like this. There are some rules that everyone must follow to become an applicant. From here, you can take a look at the job criteria. Learn about the wages and benefits this body offers. Suppose you want to get a job here then learn the application process as well.

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Latest Daanish School Jobs Details

OrganizationDaanish Schools
CategoryTutoring Jobs, Government Jobs
EducationMinimum Graduate
LocationLahore & Across Punjab
Last Updated On22nd May, 2024

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Information About Punjab Daanish School

Daanish School is a public institute. It started in 2010. The basic goal of this institute is to give elite education to the poor. The school gives free of cost academic services. It is a leading body in the academic field that offers free education. It is because the students who get admission here come up based on their talent. The only way to enroll here is merit. As long as a student has talent, they can get in here. The school accepts 110 students every year for each class. Among them, 10 students get in by paying fees. They pay the fee till they graduate from school.

The other 100 students get a hundred percent scholarship. They don’t pay a penny for anything. They get uniforms, notes, and books for free. For good performance they even get prizes. There is a total of 14 of its branches in Punjab. Half of these are for girls and a half for boys. The school campus of every branch covers more than a hundred-acre area. From this, you can guess how big this institute is. The seat of its chairman belongs to the chief minister of Punjab. The state runs this instate by giving the funds and budget it needs.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Teacher
  • Counseling Officer
  • Mali
  • Clerk
  • Cook
  • Lab Attendant
  • Naib Qasid
  • Assistant Manager
  • Revenue Officer
  • Data Entry Operator

Requirements for Danish School System

Here you can see various types of available positions. From staff to clerks and security, the body gives many vacancies. The requirements here are not hard. But you have to strictly follow them to get a job here. The basic rule is the age limit criteria for applicants. For common jobs, the least age limit starts from 20 years. The max limit is up to 35 years. For educator jobs, the least limit is 22 years. The upper age criteria are 55 years.

For getting school jobs, the important criteria are the applicant’s education. The school asks for at least 16 years of education from candidates. The education should be in the subject relative field. B.S, B.S Hons, and other graduate degree holders can apply. As you move to the senior positions here, the requirements increase as well. Some posts need a postgraduate degree or even a PhD. Other needs are good English-speaking skills. Applicants need a good academic history to get a job. Another need is medical clearance.

Salary & Benefits

Jobs in Daanish Schools offer wages that are a cut above the rest. The basic salary of a teacher is a lot higher than a teacher in any other government institute. The starting wages of a teacher are 40k PKR per month. It is for the testing period for the recruit. As you get a permanent post, the wages jump up to 70k PKR monthly. The wages for clerks and other lower-ranking posts are 15k to 30k PKR for a month. Like any other institute, the pay scale increase with the rise in ranks. The Principal earns 145k PKR per month.

It is a government institute so the benefits are attractive as well. After you get a job here, you don’t have to worry about getting fired without any reason. The body gives you complete job security. You enjoy medical and health benefits while working here. The workload is not harsh. After working for a few hours, you get a lot of free time. This helps you create nice work and life balance. You get paid vacations and paid sick leaves. The institute gives you allowances for your essentials. It also provides you with the best retirement plan.

How to Apply for Daanish School Jobs?

Daanish School jobs are currently open for some posts. Now you know about these posts and their eligibility criteria. You have an insight into the institute. After reading the above section, you know the wages and perks here as well. Now all is up to you to decide, whether to apply or not. If you are positive then the job advertisements can give you a lot of help. It’ll give you all the information you need about the position you want. You can apply physically or using the online method. Online apply to get rid of extra work.

Download the application form and submit it after filling all its sections. The recruitment process contains two steps. At first, you take and pass the public aptitude test. After that, you go to the HR interview. If you have a charming personality and innovative thinking, the institute will accept you. Suppose you want to apply physically then write a letter with the name of the post. Attach your cv and documents and deliver them to them. To apply online follow the simple steps below.

  • Visit its official website.
  • Look up the open post.
  • Fill its application form.
  • Give valid credentials otherwise, the body will reject you.
  • Submit the form and pay the application fee.

Wait for their response to your submission.

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