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There are many options that people select to start their careers. Some want to go to the medical sector, or some try for jobs in banks. Tech and research are a career path that only those people select who have ambition. People like that want to earn a name for themselves. Sometimes their inspiration is helping in the progress of their country. All of humanity modern tech is the result of years of research. KRL jobs give you openings so you can help with advance research. For that, they give advertisements for any open post that comes up.

There is no lack of talents in our country. The only thing that lacks is the presence of opportunities. KRL gives you a chance you want to get a dream job. By taking care of your financial needs, the body helps you to focus on your work. Wages are the basic reason people look for a job. Even if they get a shot at a job they want, they will leave it if the wages are not fair. To promote research for the progress of our country, the body offers you a stable career. The government runs this institute and gives them proper funding. But wages are not the only reason for getting a job.

People wants a job that pays well and earns them respect from others. Working here, you will get the esteem you want. You will earn enough to support your family. But there are some rules for getting these jobs. It is a research body, so your skill is you only token to get in. If you are not able do the job well, then there is no need for you at this institute. The body makes sure that the recruits it hires suit the job. It set a few requirements that applicants must complete before applying. From here, learn more about these jobs. Learn the salaries and perks of these jobs. Please take a look at its currently open positions as well.

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Latest KRL Jobs Details

OrganizationKhan Research Laboratories (KRL)
CategoryService Jobs, Government Jobs
EducationMinimum Graduate
LocationIslamabad & Across Pakistan
Last Updated On14th June, 2024

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Information About Khan Research Laboratories

The body has a rich history behind it. It started as a nuclear weapon research body. The KRL started working in 1976. It was under the control of the army at the start. Working as a top-secret unit, its service gave huge help in the nuclear program. But now the body is no longer under the control of the army. But its speciality in making HEU is a cut above the rest. Now the Ministry of Energy watches over this institute. Its basic research is the same as before with the addition of supercomputers and modern tech.

In Pakistan, it works as the leading science and tech research site. The contents of its services not only range to study in the mass-energy sector. In this institute, you can see every relating research. The body tests advance computers. Giving Pakistan support in that field. Space research and exploration is also a part of this institute. Many educational institutes work in affiliation with it. One of the major names among them is the GCU Lahore. The other is the Karachi University. Outstanding talents from both of these institutes join this site every year.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Engineer
  • IT Officer
  • Scientific Officer
  • Admin Officer
  • Store Officer
  • Lecturer
  • Driver
  • Accounts Officer
  • Lab Attendant
  • Supervisor

Requirements of KRL Job

The basic need for being an applicant here is your age limit. For starting posts, the least age limit is 21 years. The max-age limit for these basic posts goes up to 40 years. As you move to the higher posts, the age criteria go up as well. For senior jobs, the limit is between 40 to 55 years. Freshers join this site after completing their graduate degree. They don’t need any prior work experience to start their career. But the body welcomes experts to come to its team as well.

The experience needs are pretty strict here. For posts like a senior engineer, the need is 3 to 7 years of workplace expertise. The requirements for team lead are the least experience of 10 years in relating fields or subjects. Education is a prime need for its jobs. Without knowledge about the subject, you can’t do any possible research. The least criteria for applicants are a graduate’s degree. Candidates with an engineering degree can apply as well. For high ranking and senior-level posts, this criterion rises. The least need goes up to postgraduate or PhD.

Salary & Benefits

Jobs in KRL offers you many employee perks. The wages that they offer are second to none. The basic for junior posts start from 30k PKR per month. They go up to 45k PKR monthly. As the rank increases the wages and perks increase as well. For senior posts of researcher and engineer, the wages are 80k to 100k PKR per month. These fairs wages attract many applicants to join the site every year. As the body works for the government, the benefits it offers are uncanny.

The paid vacations and holidays its employees get are elite class. After working for some time and putting their efforts into the job, workers get some time off. This helps them in creating a good work-life balance. Sick workers can get paid sick leave easily. The institute gives flexible working hours to its employees. The workers get total job security. They get monthly wages. Its medical benefits are on another level. Employees get dental and vision benefits. They enjoy perks like life and health insurance. The retirement plan is among the best here. It shows that the body cares for its employee even after they retire.

How to Apply for KRL Jobs?

Now you have some understanding of KRL jobs and its relating benefits. You know that for people who seek a job in a research institute, it is the prime choice. You have an insight into its requirements. In its job advertisements, you can find every information you need for being an applicant. After reading the criteria, you can pretty much guess that you are eligible or not. Suppose you think that you are eligible then the thing that remains is for you to take a shot at its seats. Online apply to become an applicant here.

The recruitment process of KRL contains three phases. First, you take the main exam that proves your knowledge. Getting good marks here sends you the second phase. In this phase, the institute takes your medical exam to check your health. Suppose your health is fine, then you enter the final phase of selection. It is the HR interview. Show your passion and innovation during this interview. Prepare well and get the post. You can apply by following the steps down below.

  • Visit its official website.
  • Create a new account with the website.
  • Go to careers and select the job you want.
  • Apply for the job by filling the application form.
  • Give them your valid credentials.
  • Pay the application fee and submit the form.

If your form is alright and you fit the eligibility criteria, you will soon get a response.

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Latest Jobs in KRL 2023