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If you want to work in a professional environment and have the best experience possible, while having the comfort of job security, and handsome pay, then PAF jobs are perfect for you. The Pakistan Airforce is a very world-famous organization. It will only take the best of the best in its ranks, as both officers serving in the military ranks and civilian ranks. It offers many job opportunities that are non-military, PAF has a large network of colleges and universities. Also, it likes to higher their technicians, engineers and even teachers and imams for mosques themselves, so the job opportunities are endless. Working for such a prestigious organization will have a very huge impact on your resume. The main jobs that available are the fighter pilots and commissioned officers, but there is also a considerable amount of civilian jobs, also offered.

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Information About Pakistan Airforce

The Pakistan Air Force started as Royal Pakistan Air Force, after the partition in 1947. It is the main air arm of the Pakistan Army and is responsible to provide air support, to both Pakistan Army and Navy, and in addition, provide air defense to all the Pakistani territory in both land and sea. The PAF like other arms of the army prefers to hire its own workers themselves, as they follow very high standards, and make sure that those standards are followed to the end. That is why they announced vacancies by themselves and not the government.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Doctor
  • Nurses
  • Engineer
  • Teacher
  • Air Defence
  • Accounts Branch
  • Logistics
  • Engineering Branch
  • Education Branch
  • Foreman
  • Medical Assistant

PAF Jobs for Civilian

They have a variety of jobs to offer in the non-combatant category. The PAF jobs that are offered to civilians vary from engineers to technicians and medical staffs, such as doctors and nurses. Other jobs include smiths, welders, and carpenters. More jobs are offered like teaching staff for the PAF schools and colleges.


The main salaries in PAF are as follows:

  • Junior Commissioned officer’s Rs 40,000 to 100,000
  • Non-commissioned officer’s Rs 20,000 to 50,000
  • Officer ranking Rs 100,000 plus


The benefits are as follows:

  • Job security
  • Free medical for employee and family
  • Education for kids
  • Handsome salary
  • Pensions
  • Housing facilities for families
  • Special privileges.

How to Join PAK Airforce Jobs?

The Pakistan Air Force is known throughout the world, as a very strict rule-following, and standard maintaining organization. As mentioned before the PAF jobs are offered in quite a lot of different fields, and each one has unique criteria, and strict regulations, that must be observed before applying for any job. So make sure that you are qualified enough, before applying. The details for applying and its criteria are given below.

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