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Public sector posts are everyone’s prime choice when it comes to starting a career. There are many public institutes that give elite positions. PESCO jobs give many post openings every year. As a major public body, its jobs come with huge benefits. The body gives advertisements for every open seat. It is easy to access its job notices. For many people getting a job here is like a dream coming true. When you enter in an institute like this one, you get a stable career path. You will never have to worry about looking for a better post.

The main reason people strive to get a job is to earn a nice living. In the public sector, compared to others, you get high wages. These help you with your financial problems. Getting a job here level-ups your lifestyle. You earn enough to support your family with their financial needs. Being a public employee gives you higher status. You get respect for being a public servant. The state jobs don’t have a huge workload. Your working hours get by while doing simple tasks. But these jobs are of huge importance. It is because this institute provides millions of citizens with their everyday needs.

Without a doubt, these are the types of jobs that every job hunter craves to get. That is why, whenever there is an open seat, it becomes a hot topic. But everyone looks up to these positions doesn’t mean they all can get them. The state is very strict for the selection of its employees. They make sure that the person they are hiring is eligible or not. To do that, there some rules that everyone must follow to become an applicant. From here, you can get the basic information you need. Learn its wages and the perks you are going to get. Take a look at the current open posts as well.

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Latest PESCO Jobs Details

OrganizationPeshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO)
CategoryUtility Jobs, Private Jobs
EducationMatric to Onwards
LocationPeshawar & Across KPK
Last Updated On22nd May, 2024

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Information About Peshawar Electric Supply Company

The body started working in 1982 as a part of AEB. The basic purpose of AEB was to give services for area distribution. With that, most of the major cities and sectors in every state got their own electric supply company. The state runs these companies under its lead. PESCO supplies electricity in the major district of Peshawar. The number of people that gets this supply is about 3 million. There are main stations in major areas. They give supply to substations that spread all around the state. With transmit lines and a network of transformers, the electricity reaches your homes and businesses.

The network of PESCO goes over 8 area circles. Its basic duties are to give you an electric supply. In case of an outage, it fixes the problem and relieves the connection. It takes care of every complaint from the public. The body sends a team to take a look at every connection monthly. They check the meter readings and take pictures for proof. The bill you get at the end of the month is their duty as well. With the basic information about the body, you can guess the scope of its career. This information will help you in the candidate selection process as well.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Line Superintendent
  • Meter Reader
  • Bill Distributor
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Revenue Officer
  • Engineers
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Audit Assistant
  • Clerk
  • Driver
  • Surveyor
  • Naib Qasid
  • Security Guard
  • Station Attendant

Requirements for PESCO Job

There are three basic needs for PESCO jobs. The first one is the age limit of the applicants. For low-rank seats, the basic age limit starts from 18 years. The max limit for these types of posts is 30 years with some relaxation. As the ranks go up from 14, the criteria increase as well. The least age limit moves to 21 years. And the max limit reaches 33 years. With senior positions, the age limit goes up to 45 years.

The second criteria are the applicant’s education level. The least education need starts from a 3-year diploma after 10th class or a 12th degree. This is for lower-level seats. For officer-level positions, the need goes up to graduate degree. Bachelors in an engineering field and master degree holders are eligible to apply. The body offers jobs to both experts and freshers. People consider its jobs as the ideal career for fresh graduates. For expert posts, candidates need prior work expertise. The expertise need for consultant seats is 3 to 7 years. The position of technical lead demands 10 years of prior experience.

Salary & Benefits

Jobs in PESCO offers its employee fair wages. The wages here are enough to entice people for getting these jobs. These are government jobs, and the perks are uncanny for their workers. The monthly wages of industrial engineers are 40k to 50k PKR. Senior engineers at this institute earn 80k to 90k PKR per month. The wages are according to government orders. The yearly bonus makes them all the more attractive.

The employees get complete security on their seats. In the public sector, you never see anyone who gets fired or leave the job. Once people start working here, they take it to their retirements. The retirements plans are one of the best you can get from any institute. The employees who work in outdoor field jobs get health insurance. They enjoy medical benefits and life insurance, as well. For working hard, the body gives them paid vacations. With that, the workers can maintain and good work and life balance. They get some discount on the electric bills. The holidays they provide gives you some time off your hectic everyday routine.

How to Apply for PESCO Jobs?

PESCO jobs are best for anyone who wants a career that pays well and needs less effort. Now you know the basic instructions about these jobs. If you want to know more, then follow the advertisements they provide. The wages and perks are right, and you know that now. The requirements are not harsh at all. Just some basic rule that you strictly have to complete. Online apply to be a candidate without extra effort. You can get the application form at Stepnex.

After you apply, your recruitment process will start. The starting phase will be the aptitude test. After clearing that you will enter the final phase of selection. It is the HR interview. They will test your knowledge and skill in the post you want. In the end, suppose you ace the interview, they will give you a job offer. First, go to the Stepnex website. There you will find the job you want. Apply for it by filling the registration form. Pay the application fee with form. You will get a response soon. The link down here will direct you to the website.

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