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People looking for jobs in the medical sector are in good luck. It is the best career path for anyone who is starting their career. Many people wish to be a part of a big medical institute. PIMS jobs are giving many openings on various of its posts. You can be a part of this institute or any of its units. PIMS hospital jobs are the first choice of anyone in the medical sector. The number of positions here is far more than anyone can imagine. It is because this is the leading medical institute in the country.

It is a renowned body that puts out notices for every post opening. All its notices are easy to access from any public channel. In the medical sector, job benefits are more than anywhere else. But it starts with high-ranking positions. It is not the same for this body. An employee here earns high benefits no matter what their rank is. The wages here are fair and higher compared to any other medical institute.

The wages you earn are enough to take care of your family. Working here will change your lifestyle, as well. Besides that, your social status will increase. Having a public job with good benefits is not something everyone can do. The respect you get from these types of jobs is uncanny. It is the best place for people who want to help others. Working here will help people while giving you benefits. No one can say no to posts like these.

With this many perks, many people apply for jobs here. It is a major institute, so the job requirements are strict. Suppose you want to use. You have to learn the criteria for being an applicant. From here, you can learn information about its jobs. Find out about the currently open seats. You can take a look and the wages and perks here. There will be an application process at the end as well.

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Latest PIMS Jobs Details

OrganizationPakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS)
CategoryHealthcare Jobs, Government Jobs
EducationMinimum Graduate
LocationIslamabad & Across Pakistan
Last Updated On14th June, 2024

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Information About Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences

The institute started in 1985. It is a government body with its head office in Islamabad. This body works in three major areas. The first one is its hospitals. Three major hospitals operate under this institute. Among them are IH, Children hospital, and MCHCC. All these combined take up more than six hectors area in the city. It is also a research facility. Since the time it started, its medical research progressed at a fast pace. All its success helps Pakistan to advance in medicine.

The institute works in the training sector as well. Many major educational institutes work in affiliation with PIMS. In 1989, it started QPMC. As a major medical college, it gives many talents to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences every year. Now you know the scope of getting a job here. When a job notice arrives, it not only represents the internal jobs here. The positions it offers comes from all of these sectors. No matter the field you belong to, you can get a job by applying here.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Supervisor
  • Stenotypist
  • Engineer
  • Medical Record Keeper
  • Draftsman
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Computer Operator
  • Nuclear Technician
  • Receptionist
  • Telephone Operator
  • Cashier
  • Storekeeper

Requirements for PIMS Job

Like any other institute, the job requirements here start with the age limit. For typical jobs, the least age of a candidate should be 18 years. The max limit for the same types of jobs is 30 years. The age relaxation here is up to 5 years. But the criteria for high-rank posts vary. Among them, there are seats for a senior researcher or senior doctors. Almost all high-rank posts ask for prior experience. That is why the age limit goes up to 55 years.

The variety of positions starts with general services. The least education criteria are 10th class degree. Among these general posts, many need a 12th to bachelor’s degree. For major seats, the criteria start from a graduate’s degree. Some of them require a post-graduate or a Ph.D. Freshers can apply for these jobs as well. Many job openings are for freshers only. They need no work experience. For experts, the criteria are 1 to 5 years of work expertise.

Salary & Benefits

Jobs in PIMS hospitals give eye-catching wages to their employees. It is a public sector institute, so the wages are the same as other government hospitals. The salaries vary with the post rank. Wages of doctors and other staff are higher than other hospitals. The wages for grade 17 posts are 40k to 50k PKR per month. The salary of a nurse here is 150k to 300k PKR. The benefits its employees get are better than any public or private job. The institute gives bonuses and allowances to its workers.

Medical benefits for their employees reach the top. Workers of every rank enjoy complete medical perks. Free check-ups and medicines make them stick with this institute till retirement. After that, the retirement plan of PIMS jobs takes second place. The monthly pensions they get are enough for them to live their lives without worries. The body gives its employee paid holidays. You get to work in a friendly environment. While working here, you learn many new things and gain a lot of work experience.

How to Apply for PIMS Jobs?

Now you know the basic instruction about this institute. PIMS jobs give you a variety of posts to select from. As long as you complete the basic criteria, you can get a dream job here. Wages here are fair, and the perks speak for themselves, so what is stopping you. All that remains now is to apply for the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences jobs. To do that, you should take a look at the advertisements for the available posts. Apply online from its website. From there, get the application form for the job you want.

The recruitments here consist of two phases. You enter selection by taking the public test. After you get a good score in it, you move to the next stage. It is the final step in recruitment. You go to the HR interview. The body hires people with innovative thinking. Suppose you impress them; you will get a job offer with its details and pay. To apply here, you can either email your application or send it by postal service. The application process is down here.

  • Visit their official website.
  • Go to careers and look up the post you want.
  • Download the fill the application form.
  • Give your valid credentials and pay the fee.

If you land in the eligibility criteria, you will receive a reply soon.

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