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People look for jobs in elite institutes. Having a government post is somewhat of a dream for anyone looking for a job. Every public body ranks among the leading elite unit in the country. Some private sector bodies can compare to these units, but a large gap remains. Among these public bodies, some have more importance than others. PTA jobs come from an institute of the same type. It is a leading telecom body in Pakistan. Jobs in PTA give many job openings every year.

The body provides job notices as soon as there is an open post. The scale of its program is large, which ends up giving an ample amount of position openings. Anyone can access these notices and try to get a job here. For job hunters and freshers, it is the perfect chance to start a promising career. These jobs are vital for anyone who wish to get an ideal post. It is due to PTA being the ruler of the telecom sector. Besides that, it is a public body. When the word public job comes to mind, one can only think of high benefits jobs.

The benefits of these jobs are second to none. Getting these positions means earning a stable livelihood. It will result in changing your lifestyle for the best you can hope. The salaries here are good enough for you to feel without any worry. Your earnings here can take care of you and your family. You can support your family by helping with their financial needs. Getting a public job in a major body will raise your status to a new level.

Everyone will respect you for being a part of this body. Naturally, posts like these attract many people. To ensure the quality of new employees, there are some rules for applicants. The job needs are mild and not that strict. But, no one can apply without completing these needs. From here you can learn about job requirements. Take a look at the posts open right now. Learn the wages of workers here. Estimate before you apply for its jobs. You will find the application process here as well.

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Latest PTA Jobs Details

OrganizationPakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)
CategoryTelecommunication Jobs, Government Jobs
EducationMinimum Graduate
LocationIslamabad & Across Pakistan
Last Updated On14th June, 2024

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Information About Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

The body started in 1996. With the trend of telecom rising since that time, the body has made a lot of progress since it started. In 1994, the talks for making a telecom unit were already on their way. After two years, Pakistan stepped into the world of telecom by making its telecom sector. Nowadays, no one needs an intro to this institute. Anyone who has a phone knows what this body is and what it does. You know how vital this body is as you can’t use mobile without its approval. Everything that relates to telecom is under the command of this body.

This body monitors networks and devices. It gives security and maintains telecom for the people of Pakistan. With its help, a lot of advanced techs made their debut in the country. Everything this body does is for the progress of the country. With a strong telecom sector, many benefits come to the state. To complete its duties, the body has many offices in various cities. The scope of its jobs is quite large. As this sector is spreading like wildfire, many openings are coming up. It is the right time to enter this career path.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Cyber Security Consultant
  • Compliance Member
  • Law and Regulation
  • Software Engineer
  • Advisor
  • Driver
  • Stenotypist
  • Naib Qasid
  • Security Guard
  • Office Assistant

Salary & Benefits

For anyone looking for a job with high wages, a PTA career is their best choice. The wages here speak for themselves. You can’t find positions with salaries like these anywhere else. In the private sector, where salaries are high, these posts leave everyone back in the dust. Getting a job here means you got rid of your financial problems. The gross salary for SEG-I grade seats is 250k PKR with extra 100k perks. Now, this is something that no one can let slip by them.

Not only the salary is high, but the perks are the best you can find. For the post of assistant officer, the body pays 40k to 50k PKR per month. An IT officer of regular rank earns 75k PKR in a month. The wages of senior-level positions are higher and go up to 90k PKR monthly. When you go to the highest-ranking seats like deputy director, their salaries are 150k to 200k PKR per month. The yearly perks for every job are uncanny. The amount varies, but the number of bonuses is the same for every employee.

The employees enjoy complete job security. PTA’s retirement plan for its workers ranks among the best. As long as you stick with this institute, your benefit will only rise. The medical benefits here take the spotlight. Many institutes give these benefits to their workers. But this body took it to another level. Not only the employees but their families enjoy the same medical perks as them.

How to Apply for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Jobs?

After reading the above section, you have some basic knowledge about this body. To apply for PTA jobs, you need to follow a simple process. The wages here are fair, and the perks of its jobs are first-rate. There is no need for you to delay your application. The eligibility criteria are typical here. With the right age and education, you can get a shot at an ideal position. Please take a look at its advertisement before you apply. There you will find brief instructions about every available post.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority jobs accept sincere candidates with excellent skillsets. At these jobs, you can showcase your expertise. Apply online so that you don’t miss your chance at the positions. The recruitment process is as simple as it gets. It starts with the candidate’s aptitude exam. It tries their knowledge about this sector. Once you get a good score, you will move to the next phase. An HR interview will be your final hurdle before you get a job here. Clear that and enjoy an excellent work-life.

  • You have to visit their official website.
  • Click on the career option.
  • Create an account with the website.
  • Look up the post you want.
  • Get its application form and fill it.
  • Pay its fee and submit the form.

You will get a response soon.

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