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Everyone wishes to get a job where they can show their abilities. Public institutes are the best place for that. Now is the best chance for people who seek these types of posts. Punjab Food Authority jobs are giving many openings for their posts. It is a major body in Punjab. Job openings here attract the attention of many people. The body gives advertisements for every open position. The reason for that is to give everyone a shot at its seats. Anyone can access these notices and try for getting their position.

PFA jobs are not something that you can take lightly. Imagine a job where you earn praise for your skills. A post with peerless benefits and perks. You don’t have to face a huge workload, just a simple everyday routine. And the wages you get better than any other. Jobs here gives you everything listed above. You earn a stable livelihood that reforms your lifestyle. Your wages support your families with financial needs.

Getting a seat here will help you get rid of your financial worries forever. As long as you are sincere, you won’t face any problems. People admire others who work with big institutes like this one. Everyone knows how hard it is to get a public sector job. You getting a seat here, gives proof of your ability. To get these benefits, many people try for being a candidate. To ensure the quality of applicants, there are some rules on jobs here.

Everyone has to follow the requirements to be an applicant. The rules are not hard to complete. From here, you can read information about its posts. You can learn the wages they give for each position. Besides that, take a look at the currently vacant positions. In the end, you can learn the application method. For people who think they are eligible for these posts. There is information about the recruitment process as well.

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Latest Punjab Food Authority Jobs Details

OrganizationPunjab Food Authority (PFA)
CategoryService Jobs, Government Jobs
EducationMinimum Graduate
LocationLahore & Across Punjab
Last Updated On14th June, 2024

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Information About Punjab Food Authority

The body started working in 2011. It is a government institute. The whole Punjab falls under its authority. It is the first institute of its kind in Pakistan. The body shares a vision for ensuring the quality of food and related products. The country is proud of this institute. The body is on its way to progress since the time it started. This institute doesn’t just have the duty to check the quality of food. They work together with food manufacturers and investors in the field. All of it is to make sure that the food we eat is healthy and safe.

There are many functions that this body performs. The basic one is monitoring food quality and hygiene. For that, the body creates some rules that it uses as a standard quality check. It then enforces these rules on everyone in the food business. The officers here visit food plants and hotels to educate them about food safety. The body started many labs to test the food. It held various expos and programs to raise awareness about food safety. The body has a duty to certify food items. It keeps a lookout for out-of-date products as well.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Assistant Food Controllers
  • Foodgrains Inspectors
  • Foodgrains Supervisors
  • Assistants
  • Stenographers
  • Gazette Officers
  • Support Staff
  • Nutrition Interns

Salary & Benefits

As a public body, Food authority jobs in Punjab gives wages according to the government act. The wages here are not less than any other public institute. Employees earn salaries based on their post rank. As a clerk or a data operator, you can make 15k to 25k PKR per month. For field officers, the wages are 35k to 45k PKR per month. To a Phlebotomist, the body pays from 17k to 35k PKR for a month. Going up to senior posts such as deputy finance director, the wages are up to 70k monthly.

Both freshers and experts apply for jobs here. The benefits they get are the same. The perks of PFA are among the best you can get in the food sector. Starting with housing, the body gives its workers quarters and apartments. You get paid holidays after working for a while. The shifts are flexible and you don’t have to face extra workload. This helps you with your life and work balance. After working you can easily make time for your family. The body offers transport to its employees. You get health insurance and job training. Its retirement plans are a step above others.

How to Apply for Punjab Food Authority Jobs?

Punjab Food Authority jobs are the prime choice for freshers and anyone who is looking for a better job. Now you know the way this body works. You have an understanding of its open seats. The wages here are not the highest but the benefits are uncanny. Now the only thing that remains is for you to apply for these posts. You have to take a look at the advertisements given by the institute. There you will find the eligibility criteria and other instructions. Online apply to become an applicant as soon as possible. You can search for the application form on their website.

After you submit your application, the institute will check your eligibility. For that, you have to take an aptitude test for the job. Score good marks and move to the next phase of selection. It will be a simple HR interview. Suppose you ace the interview; you’ll land an ideal job. To apply, follow the steps down here. There is a link as well. With that link, you can directly reach the application form.

  • Visit the official website.
  • Go to the career section.
  • Search for the job you want.
  • Check its criteria and click on apply.
  • Create an account on the website and fill the form.
  • Give your valid credential or else you’ll get rejected.
  • Submit the application fee with the form.

Wait for a response from them.

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