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Everyone looks up to the jobs in big institutes. Those who work or aspire to work in the academic sector are the same. A teacher wishes to get a post in an institute with a lot of fame. Punjab University jobs give them the chance to reach their goals. The institute comes up with many post openings every year. As a leading body in Punjab, the scope of its career is far better than others. The institute gives advertisements on public channels. These notices are about the positions that are open at that time. Anyone can access its jobs without any extra effort.

Getting a public sector job is everyone’s dream. When it comes to academic employment, public institutes are the best choice for a stable career. It is due to the many benefits these posts offer. The wages you get while working here are a cut above the rest. With high earnings, you can give financial support to your family. With any post like this, your lifestyle improves. You get to enjoy these perks while doing a good deed, such as teaching.

It is in our nature to look for a position that earns us respect. Some people think making a huge sum gives them respect. It is true for many jobs but not in the education sector. No matter what rank, a teacher has the same respect as a teacher on the highest level. It is because of the job itself. The youth is the pride of any nation. Teaching the youth earns you more esteem than you can find in any other career.

The job requirements here are higher than in any public sector job. The university represents itself as the leading institute in Punjab. Due to that, the staff here is highly skilled and able. To apply for a job here, you need to take a look at the criteria first. From here, you can learn the basic job instructions. You can learn about the institute and the current open posts. Learn the wages and perks for these jobs and read the application process as well.

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Latest Punjab University Jobs Details

OrganizationUniversity of the Punjab
CategoryTutoring Jobs, Government Jobs
EducationMinimum Graduate
LocationLahore & Across Punjab
Last Updated On20th July, 2024

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Information About the University of Punjab

Punjab University holds the title of the country’s oldest public school. The institute started in 1882 under British rule. A large number of facilities are present in this institute. Its network covers major research sectors. To such extent that it is among the largest bodies in Pakistan with the highest number of facilities. This place is the home of many brilliant figures. Not only students but all of the staff members are talents of their time. A few of its former students and teachers are recipients of a Nobel prize in their research field. The institute trains the youth to help in the progress of Pakistan.

More than 350k students study in this institute every year. The body works in affiliation with many colleges. It offers a total of 13 educational fields. From law to tech, there are various research sectors as well. The library here is among the largest ones in both public and private institutes. With a two-floor building, you get access to more than 500k books. The number of open positions is not that much. But it is still higher than other universities. More than 1400 faculty members are working in this institute right now.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Assistant Professor
  • Lecturer
  • Research Officer
  • Mali
  • Clerk
  • Lab Attendant
  • Naib Qasid
  • Assistant Manager
  • Data Entry Operator

Requirements for Punjab University Job

The job requirements here start with the age limit of applicants. The least age for an applicant is 22 years. The upper limit for its basic posts is 35 years. In some cases, the limit goes up to 45 years. With age-limit comes the expertise needs. Fresher’s posts don’t have any rule for expertise. If you want a high-rank position, then you will need some prior work experience. The limit starts from 3 years of work and research expertise. For some senior posts, the need goes up to 17 years of post-graduate work experience in the same field.

The education criteria for its jobs are higher. It is natural for a public, academic body to have high education needs. The least need is a postgraduate degree with some years of research as well. You can apply for a job only for the subject you are an expert in. For the senior-level posts, an average PhD degree is not enough. With that, you need many years of research and expertise to become an applicant here. Jobs here are not to take easy as it affects the future of our country.

Salary & Benefits

Being a major public sector institute, jobs in Punjab University offers high wages to its employees. The salaries here are enough to make anyone take an attempt at their positions. It selects recruits after testing them with strict rules. The government knows how to compensate its workers. An assistant professor earns 150k to 170k PKR per month. The monthly wages of a senior professor are 180k to 300k PKR. The institute pays 50k to 120k PKR per month to its lecturers. A junior assistant in research earns up to 25k PKR in a month.

Keeping the wages on one side, the perks of PU jobs are the real eye-catcher. The wages here are constant. Employees enjoy complete job security. With more experience, the rank increases as well. It leads to a rise in salaries and extra perks. The medical benefits it offers befits it as a public body. After you retire, you get the best retirement plan. The university gives its workers paid holidays. The work timings are flexible. Making a good work and life balance is easy while working here. The best benefit is that you learn a lot by working with some brightest minds in Pakistan.

How to Apply for Punjab University Jobs?

Now you have the basic information about Punjab University jobs and their requirements. You know its salaries and the perks it gives to its employees. After looking at the criteria, you can pretty much guess if you are eligible or not. Suppose you are eligible, then the job application is the step that remains. Before that, you have to take a look at the advertisements from its website. It is the best career choice if you have the right knowledge and ambition. Online apply, and get in a team with many talents.

The university does its recruitment process in two phases. You have to take the aptitude test for the post you want. Place among the top scorers to move further in the selection process. The final phase would be an interview. Impress them with your intellect and research. Suppose the interview goes well, then you will get a job offer and its details. With the steps down below, you can apply without wasting any time.

  • Visit its official website.
  • Click on careers and look for the post you want.
  • Register with the website by creating an account there.
  • Fill the application form with valid information.
  • Pay the application fee for the form.

Submit it with the required documents. Wait for a response.

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