WASA Jobs 2023 – Water and Sanitation Agency (Punjab)

Still, wondering when you will get a job that is going to make you financially independent, and settle down once and for all? If that is what you seek, then you must also be worried about your life, progressing day by day, and yet nothing majorly is achieved. Well, nevertheless, WASA Jobs back with this year’s inductions. Set your worries aside, as employment at this agency means fulfilling your dreams in a short span of time. Aspirants, who have recently graduated, and those who are employed elsewhere. But dissatisfied with their old menial jobs, WASA will surely be a dream place for such. If you are hardworking, diligent, and motivated towards achieving greatness in life, then WASA will definitely welcome you on board. Likewise, their HR team hunts for such candidates who are willing to exhibit their sustaining work capabilities.

Moreover, their creativity holds no bounds. A subsequent factor of having such employees is the unabating progress of the agency. Quite precisely, WASA’s name and its proficiency thrive due to its highly adroit team that can give their all in the field of work. If you are willing to apply for this year’s inductions, then this is definitely the right place for you to come. Like every time, we have managed to gather all the necessary information about the agency. This includes the background information, all about the application procedure, and the steps that one needs to take care of when applying. We are going to make sure that you get your dream job once and for all. To make this possible, sustain this page and scroll down reading to know it all.

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Latest WASA Jobs Details

OrganizationWater and Sanitation Agency
CategoryUtility Jobs, Government Jobs
EducationMatric to Onwards
LocationLahore & Across Pakistan
Last Updated On14th June, 2024

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Information About Water and Sanitation Agency

Established in 1976, Water And Sanitation Agency catered to all the needs of drafting, scheming, expansion, and preservation of water supply sewerage and draining system in the very vibrant city of Lahore. The task of effectuating this task needed a highly professional team. Hence, a board of various directorates was elected by the ruling government. Upon analysis, it is known that the team is led by one Managing Director. Second, to that, there are three Deputy Managing Directors, handling departments of Finance, Administration, Revenue, Operation, Maintenance, and Engineering. As of now, WASA employs nearly 6200 people, who are working in different departments. This governmental agency gets revenue by purifying sewerage water and later selling that water in the country.

Importantly, all kinds of taxes, allocation of budget are approved by the very Government of Punjab. Therefore, it makes clear that disbursement and obtaining consent comes under the decision of the Provincial Government. A little about the agency’s agenda, which pretty much, after reading the above information, must be predictable by now. WASA Lahore strives only to deliver safe, trustworthy water in a proper systematic way in all sectors of Pakistan. The agency’s name speaks for itself due to the solidifying work done over the years. The staff present has delivered the utmost commitment and devotion that has taken WASA’s name to unprecedented heights. Some of WASA’s motives are:

  • To provide quality consumer services in the domain of Water Supply and Sewerage.
  • Making sure of minimizing maximum cost in development works, operation & maintenance. Moreover, the revenue generation must be sufficient enough to make the entire system self-sustainable.
  • Taking care of professional ethics and having no tolerance for corruption.
  • Ensuring that all employees are trained and motivated to the utmost level to meet the demands of the growing market.

List of Available Job Positions

  • Project Director
  • Technical Manager
  • Information Technology
  • Vice-Chairman
  • Engineer
  • Driver
  • Security Guard
  • Clerk
  • Administrator
  • Deputy Officer
  • Office Boy

Salary & Benefits

Candidates who recently joined WASA or have been working there for quite a while, have given a positive feedback about the working environment. WASA Jobs not only help you become financially stable, but also give you the opportunity to provide all the necessities that you can give your family. It’s like having your dream job once and for all in a short period. Cut down all the hassles of working day and night and not earning more, now even you can say goodbye to your old job and earn according to your worth. With a pleasant and de-stressing environment, you can portray your potential and have all the kind of perks, one can get in a government job. Most candidates complain about not having jobs according to their field of interest.

However, working at WASA means you can prosper in your specific domain of interest. By using the best of technology and methodology, you can revamp your skills and have an immense increment in your knowledge. Without any doubt, employees who are committed and are keen on working with devotion, are certainly awarded by the agency. The HR policies are so well implemented over here that no good work goes unnoticed. We have managed to list down some of the best perks that after reading will make up your mind about applying at WASA. Check them below:

  • An excellent working environment with co-operative co-workers.
  • Ease in work schedule
  • Competitive salary package
  • Interaction with people
  • Job security
  • Allotment of residence
  • Free food and transport
  • Pension after retirement

How to Apply for WASA Jobs?

Now that you have read the history of WASA and perks of being employed at this government agency. It might have become easy for you now, to make up your mind about applying here. Worry not, as we are here to help you with the application filing procedure. Quite precisely, the application procedure for WASA Jobs takes place online. For that, you need to visit the official website of Water and Sanitation Agency i.e. wasa.punjab.gov.pk.

From there, you need to look out for the available vacancies, and especially check out which position suits your qualifications. Next, you need to download the application form and gather all the documents required. The form will ask you to list down your personal details and attach your academic certificates. The last step involves going through your listed information, and submitting it. Jobs in WASA have a lot of competition, hence, you need to be careful at each and every step when applying. Following, if you manage to make the merit list, the selection committee will contact you for further interviews. If you want to avail of this chance, hit the Apply Online button down below, to take you to their official page for application forms.

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Latest Jobs in WASA 2023