Tuesday , October 22 2019

KPT Jobs 2019 by (Karachi Port Trust) – Govt of Pakistan

Getting a government job is a very big opportunity in Pakistan, we are bringing you such an opportunity. The KPT is announcing new jobs for the current year. The Karachi Port Trust is a federal authority that is responsible for the Karachi port. The jobs offered and will provide great facilities, job security and further incentives for its employees. The jobs are limited but good, KPT jobs come with a handsome salary, and also provides pensions to its retired employees. The work at KPT requires great devotion and professionalism as the Karachi port is the gateway to Pakistan. The KPT employ highly qualified staff, and the vacancies are offered based on qualification. Only those qualifies are eligible.

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Information About Karachi Port Trust (KPT)

The KPT was first made under the then British Government in 1887. It comes under the ministry of port and shipping, in the federal government of Pakistan. The KPT is responsible for all the major shipping operations, all the other operations performed at the Karachi port. The KPT also oversees projects that are necessary for the functioning of the Karachi port. It also deals with all the customs dealings, including auctioning the material of the custom and announcing tenders for different projects in Karachi port. The KPT is taking great efforts to modernize the way how things operate in the port, as Pakistan is now part of the CPEC, and that requires fast working in ports as more and more goods shall be transferred from Karachi port in coming days.

List of Available Positions (Update)

1) Doctor2) Engineers
3) Technical Support4) Programmer
5) IT Officer6) Pilot

How to Apply for KPT Jobs?

The KPT jobs are announced by the trust when vacancies are empty. The KPT employs many people from different fields, to work for them. Jobs are managerial and also medical in nature, as well as many others. The complete details for the jobs and their requirements that are needed to apply for the job post are announced by KPT.

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