Tuesday , October 22 2019

MCB Bank Jobs 2019 (Apply Online) – Muslim Commercial Bank

Are you looking for a job in the banking sector, and are qualified for the jobs in banks. If you want to switch your job for a better banking job, or are a fresher then MCB bank is offering new jobs for the current year. They offer great benefits to its employees, they have a specific employment program for fresh graduates. It is one of the oldest, and a world-renowned bank, that also has business internationally and is a very prestigious organization. The MCB jobs are offered in all the available sectors of the bank, the bank provides great facilities for work and great professional environment that will provide a great experience for those who want to enhance their skills in the commerce and the banking sector.

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Information About Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)

The MCB bank was made in 1947 and is the second-largest bank in Pakistan in terms of employees’ employed. The bank has over 1100 branches all over Pakistan. The bank was first nationalized in 1974, then it was again privatized in 1991 and bought by the Nishat group, who holds the majority shares in the bank. The bank used to have its headquarters in Karachi but then shifted it to Lahore in 2008. The bank is known for indulging in business that are compliant to the Islamic laws and permitted by the Sharia. The bank established separate Islamic banking branches, at the start they operated as a subsidy of MCB but then became completely separate and have 34 branches and is called MCB Islamic Bank or MIB for short.

List of Available Positions (Update)

1) Branch Manager2) Credit Officer
3) Teller4) Relationship Manager
5) Information Technology6) Audit

How to Apply Online for MCB Bank Jobs?

The MCB jobs are offered and announced by the bank itself, as the Bank is very large and very professional, so strict standard is maintained, like the international banks. Therefore the criteria for hiring is tough, and only the most qualified are hired. The complete knowledge about which posts are available, and what are requirements for these jobs are given below.

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